How to Promote Your Business on YouTube

Promote Business on YouTube

Promote Business on YouTube

When it comes to business, marketing, and advertising is everything. Promoting your business is the best way to make your product known and attract new consumers.

It is common knowledge that marketing and advertising programs can cost your business arm and leg. If you do not have enough funds for that, that is where Social Media Marketing comes in.

Social Media Marketing is a cheaper way of marketing your products and reaching a global audience. What better way to market than through YouTube, the second largest search engine?

YouTube is a visual channel, therefore, it guarantees that your message will be remembered. As it goes in marketing: what we hear we forget but what we see we remember.

With over one billion active users each month, you can use the platform to disseminate your ideas to a large audience.

How to Promote Your Business on YouTube

YouTube advertising

YouTube has a special feature that allows advertisers to promote their business at a monthly fee. The channel charges between $.10 and $.30 for each view an advertisement gets.

YouTube also allows you to reach your target audiences based on their characteristics: demographics, topics they view or interests.

Before you put up any advertisement on YouTube, you need to understand a few aspects of YouTube marketing like:

YouTube channel

Set up a YouTube channel for your business to bring all your videos together. Your channel will have an ‘About’ unit where you can write a brief but detailed description of your business.

The channel has a URL that you can put on your website to generate more views.

YouTube Analytics

This is an analytics and reporting tool that provides data about every video you upload. It enables you to track how many views it gets, the type of audience viewing it (for example the age group) and where people are coming from to find it.

Once you have understood this, here’s how to promote your business on YouTube.

Optimize your video for the search engine and clicks

For your video to have the maximum marketing impact and reach, you need to make it easy for google and YouTube to cognize your content.

You want to make sure that when users search a certain tag or title, your video comes up first. There are a few ways you can achieve this including:

1. Creating excellent content

This is the most important aspect of optimizing your video. Ensure that the video is engaging, entertaining, educative, informative and sharable.

2. Tags and titles

Use tags and titles that contain a generous amount of keywords to make your videos more discoverable. Ensure that your video is interesting enough to grab and retain the attention of viewers.

Because of the aspect of paid reach, YouTube no longer optimizes videos based on the number of views. Rather, the engine uses “watch time” which is the number of minutes that viewers spend on your video. If your video is interesting, it will entice users to watch a little longer.

3. Closed captioning and transcriptions

Use closed captions and transcriptions to enable users to watch your video while it is mute in public places such as train stations or offices.

Use paid reach

YouTube has a feature that lets you pay for your video to be disseminated widely, reaching even those who did not click to view it. Make sure that you take advantage of this feature.

Know the types of videos to post

There are many types of videos that you can post to promote your business including:

1. Product demonstrations and tutorials

Product demonstrations teach your prospective customers everything they need to know about your product, for example, its uses. Tutorials are “how to” videos.

Post videos showing customers how to use your product.

2. Customer testimonials

These are interviews of customers showing what they had to say about your product. Customer testimonials will aid in increasing your credibility.

3. Business introduction videos

These ones introduce you and your business and they prepare your customers on what to expect from your forthcoming videos.

4. Commercials

The purpose of YouTube advertising is to air your commercials to a wide audience at a cheaper price so ensure you post plenty of these.

5. Product launches

If you launch a new product, be sure to share its release on YouTube.

Promote Business on YouTube

Collaborate with business owners in your niche

Look for people who are promoting the same business as you are and approach them on sharing one others videos for maximum reach.

Engage users

Interact with users on your videos and theirs to prompt them to comment more. The more the interactions on your videos, the better your search ranking.

In conclusion, promote your YouTube channel on other social media platforms to increase viewership. Remember to take advantage of all the features the platform offers to reach a large audience.